The Peanut Has Landed -- Watch Charles Tillman​'s Landing From 12,000 Feet!Chicago Bears​' Charles Tillman​ jumps from 12,000 feet with U.S. Navy Parachute Team "The Leap Frogs"​
2016 Air & Water Show Schedule For SundayFormer Bears player Charles “Peanut” Tillman’s tandem jump and landing on the lakefront with the U.S. Army Golden Knights was scheduled for Sunday. The show will close with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.
Watch Highlights From The U.S. Air Force ThunderbirdsFrom their talent and horse power to the planes’ meanings, the Air and Water Show attracts thousands of people every year.


Air & Water Show Bar/Restaurant Specials
Guide To The Air & Water ShowSummer might be winding down, but there’s still one last hurrah for the family before school reclaims the kids for the year: the annual Air and Water Show. Visible from almost anywhere along the lake, we’ve got a few plans of attack for your journey with the kids into one of the summer’s most popular public events.
Beachfront Dining For The Air & Water ShowBring a cooler with soggy PB&J sandwiches to the beach so you can watch The Air & Water Show if you want, but if I were you, I'd try to do something a bit more tasty. Along the lake there are many great restaurants that offer not only a great view of the Thunderbirds that will be flying overhead, but great food too. Some even offer specials for The Air & Water Show, which sure is swell of them! So why not take them up on one of their offers?
Dining Near North Avenue BeachIf you're not looking to schlep your picnic gear out to the Air & Water show this year, there are plenty of dining options near by. From fine dining to diners, these restaurants are all under 0.6 miles away.
Air & Water Show Picnic Tips


Headliners For The 2016 Chicago Air & Water Show
Family Fun Guide To Lincoln ParkOur family loves taking walks through the eponymous park, a lush expanse of green that stretches along Lake Michigan, just north of the Gold Coast. We also take full advantage of the amazing, kid-directed programming offered by the many area cultural institutions. From the gorillas lounging at the Lincoln Park Zoo to the tasty organic treats at the Green City Market, from a people-sized hot dog at the Chicago History Museum to a hidden water park perfect for tots – you’ll find it all in the historic north side of Chicago neighborhood, Lincoln Park.
Air & Water Show Quick TipsOnce again, the Chicago Air and Water Show is back to celebrate daredevil thrills in the air and on the water at North Avenue Beach and along Chicago’s magnificent lakefront on Lake Michigan.
How To Get To The Air & Water ShowCraning your neck up towards the sky to catch sight of the white, cloud-like end trails behind jets and wishing you were the pilot of one of those giant, metal, flying beasts is usually expected of children, and only children. The Chicago Air & Water Show gives everyone permission—children and adults alike—to look up at the sky and wonder exactly how amazingly rad being a pilot would be. It doesn't matter where you're coming from, this show is worth seeing no matter the distance. To prove this, we've figured out where you need to go to let your imagination fly and how to get there. All you need to do is read below...
Best Hotels For The ShowEven if you're coming from the suburbs, traveling into the city for The Air & Water Show can be a real pain in the butt. Make things easy on yourself by reserving a hotel room; a nice, soft, conveniently located bed to find yourself in at the end of the day. Best part: you don't even have to make the bed after getting up in the morning.
Best Family-Friendly Hotels In ChicagoWhether you are coming in from Ireland, Iowa or Itasca, a stay in a downtown Chicago hotel is a treat. Not just for business travelers anymore, downtown hotels have realized that families flock to Chicago for the theaters, the sights and of course, the shopping, and many have designed great packages with kids in mind. At the end of a busy day of culture, tourism or rampant consumerism – American Girl Place, I’m looking at you – here are some of the best places for families to put their feet up.

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